TV Size and Screen Calculator
A TV Size and Distance finder with an Advanced Screen Calculator in one easy to use App

Find the Optimal TV Size based on your distance from it (or vice versa), quickly and easily, without having to deal with the maths, science and industry standards. Enter a number or just drag the Viewer to see the result in the format you need.

Want more detail? Just tap 'Advanced' to flip to the complete Screen Calculator. Find the perfect specs for your next monitor or see if those extra pixels are actually worth it. You can calculate anything to do with the size and pixels of a screen, just start entering the numbers and the rest will be calculated as soon as there is enough to go on and if you need to start over, just Clear All.

Simple, intuitive, but incredibly comprehensive.
Did you notice...

The white border around each field in the Advanced Calculator gets thinner and the text thicker when the value is calculated, as apposed to being entered manually.

When you enter a resolution that is a commonly used standard, the App tells you what name (or names) it is known as.

You can enter the original size of an image you want to resize into the Aspect Ratio fields, then enter either the horizontal or vertical Resolution to see what the other should be.

The App remembers all your choices, including preferred units and TV Size finder settings, even when you close the App.
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